Emily Seebohm

Emily Seebohm

Twitter:  @emcbomb , Instagram: @emcbomb

Emily is a professional backstroke swimmer for Australia. Amongst her many accomplishments she is an Olympic Gold and Silver medalist and a former World Record Holder. Emily was awarded the “Order of Australia” for representing her country. Her positivity on tour is contagious and her ever relaxed and composed demeanor even at the highest level of competition is masterly. We both represent Team Arena although we can't quiet agree on who's the better sporting nation.

She swims so she can eat candy and loves Natural Confectionery lollies

Morning routine?

“On training days, I’m one of those people that leaves the alarm to the last little bit. Then I get up and have a squeezy yoghurt (Emily loves Chobani vanilla) and then I head off training. Get up and go... I like just being really quick.

What do you want to do after swimming?

“I want to work in travel shows. I love travelling. I’d love to start on the domestic point in Brisbane and work my way over to the international scene."

CVDB: Most athletes hate travelling... flying hours on end to the other side of the world landing only  a few days before competition all knotted up and fatigued with jet lag, then needing to be able to perform in peak physical condition! We all have our travel secrets to help with this. "What is your travel companion?"

Emily: “I can’t travel without my pillow. It’s soft and has a silk pillow case, it helps me sleep easily.  Once I left it in the hotel as the pillow case was white and I literally nearly cried.

What makes you just as happy in life as swimming

“Spending time with my family and Mitch (Emily’s boyfriend) is really nice. When you’re travelling so much you don’t get to spend quality time with them, when you have a break just taking time to be home with them

On Ian Thorpe being her inspiration

“Growing up watching Thorpie on TV I always idolized him. When I read his book, I had so much more respect for what he does and what he went through as a huge public figure in Australia. I always struggled with the external pressure of people coming up wishing me well before a big final saying “I hope you win gold” ... As if an Olympic or World Champs final doesn’t have enough pressure already! I never really knew how to deal with that in the past. He came to speak at one of our camps and I felt like I had a real bond with him. I learned through his experiences how to not to take things people say to heart… Don’t take things so seriously!

On living in the moment, Good or bad

"London 2012 Olympics… I put so much pressure on myself to win gold after a really fast heats and semis swim that I was really disappointed to win silver. I wish that I had lived more in the moment back then and taken it all in instead of being really hard on myself."

CVDB: At this point I asked Emily what was that the hardest point in your life? 

Emily: "No, Last year at the Olympics was really tough. In June before going into Rio I found out I had Endometriosis (when the lining of the uterus (womb) grows outside of the uterus) and needed surgery. It’s hard to put that off knowing that its hurting you and going there knowing I wasn’t 100%. I didn’t want to make an excuse about it. People forget that your also human and not just a swimmer. I put on a lot of weight from that and a lot of people commented but I was really proud of myself. I didn’t cry that whole week through the lows of my performance and the backlash from the media. I felt like I overcame my demons from London. I tried my hardest and was really proud of myself to still be able to take it all in and live in the moment, even when I was at my lowest."

The perfect Sunday?

"Driving way out for an hour with Mitch and the dogs, getting fish and chips. Throw some balls for the dogs and watch them go nuts."

Favorite piece of equipment? 

"I can't go anywhere without my Arena Kickboard!"


 Emily and Mitch

Emily and Mitch

Are you a rat or a monkey?

Emily believes you can classify peoples faces into two animal groups. Apparently I'm a monkey. Comment down below what do you think Emily is?

Behind the scenes of World Cup

Behind the scenes of World Cup

"You can’t out-obedience the competition"

"You can’t out-obedience the competition"