3 Summer Recovery Fruits

3 Summer Recovery Fruits

With the arrival of summer in the southern hemisphere so do many of my favourite fruits. If you know what to look for, these seasonal gifts from nature can not only satisfy your sweet tooth but aid in recovery time that lead to rewards in performance. Here's a look some of the finest summer saviours.




This staple summer fruit is loaded with Vitamin C and Phenolic compounds which have antioxidant properties. The combination of the these two has shown to boost blood flow throughout the body and aid in disposal of free radicals. Eat them just as they are or mix them into a smoothie.



Tart Cherries

Tart Cherries have been hyped up as the next big super food. Studies show they are extremely high in anti-oxidants that aid in recovery. Juice is better than whole cherry’s and easier to ingest the minimum effective dose. Works well as a juice after training.



My favourite summer hero. Watermelon is packed with rare amino-acid citrulline. This non-essential amino acid is not commonly found but when consumed it converts into a more effective and sustained level of arginine than with supplementation. Arginine aids in the removal of ammonia which causes fatigue and exhaustion. Try as a snack before training or juice it!


So, If you are looking for something to take the edge of your sweet tooth or feel like a snack try these healthy alternatives that actually give something back. Comment down below if you have any favourites I should try?



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